Regents Commission on Library Services

Final Review

A Final Review: Implementation of the Recommendations of the Regents Commission on Library Services, 2000 to 2010 Revised May 2011

Final Report

Meeting the Needs of All New Yorkers: Library Service in the New Century - The final report of the Commission, issued in 2000.

Implementation of Recommendations - February 2007 Update

Purpose of the Commission

The purpose of the Regents Commission on Library Services was to develop and recommend to the New York State Board of Regents a vision for library services in the 21st century and a plan for ensuring the greatest access to information for all New Yorkers. Established in June 1998, the Commission distributed a draft report early in 2000, followed by a series of public forums held around the State to discuss the draft report. The Commission's final report was be presented to the Board of Regents in July 2000.

Charge to the Commission

The Commission was charged with taking a visionary look at the future of library services and with developing a comprehensive set of policy recommendations to improve library services to the people of New York State in the 21st century. Some of the topics that the Board of Regents asked the Commission to address are:

  • Equitable library service for all New Yorkers;
  • Organization and relationship of libraries and library systems;
  • Financial support for libraries and library systems;
  • Projections of service needs in the 21st century;
  • Role of the New York State Library in leading and supporting new directions for library services; and
  • Visibility and public awareness of libraries and library systems, as a source of lifelong learning and enrichment.

Organization and Meembership

Co-Chairs for the Regents Commission on Library Services were:

  • Frank J. Macchiarola, President, St. Francis College, and former Chancellor of New York City Schools
  • Abby S. Milstein, Partner, Constantine and Partners Law Firm, New York City, and New York Public Library Trustee

Co-Vice Chairs for the Commission were:

  • Paul W. Crumlish, Director, Hobart & William Smith Colleges Library, and Past President, New York Library Association
  • Martín Gómez, Executive Director, Brooklyn Public Library, Member of the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries, and Member of the Executive Board of the American Library Association

Commission members were:

  • Sandra Kennedy Bright, Director, Office of School Library Services, New York City Board of Education
  • Monroe Fordham, Professor of History, Buffalo State College
  • John Hammond, Executive Director, North Country Reference and Research Resources Council, and President-Elect, New York Library Association
  • William L. Jefferson, Queens Borough Public Library Trustee, and Member of York College Community Advisory Council
  • Sara Kelly Johns, Library Media Specialist, Lake Placid Middle/Senior High School Library Media Center, President of the Board of Trustees for Saranac Lake Free Library, and Adjunct Professor of Library Research Instruction, Plattsburgh SUNY
  • Gail Johnstone, Executive Director, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
  • Edward McCormick, President, New York State School Boards Association, and Client Support Manager, IBM
  • Gerald Nichols, Director, Suffolk Cooperative Library System
  • John O'Rourke, Superintendent, Pittsford Central School District
  • Harry M. Rosenfeld, Editor-at-Large, Albany Times Union
  • Janet Steiner, Director, Tompkins County Public Library
  • Sarah E. Thomas, University Librarian, Cornell University
  • Betty J. Turock, Professor, Rutgers University School of Communications, Information and Library Studies, and Past President of the American Library Association

Serving in an ex officio capacity were:

  • Carl T. Hayden, Chancellor, New York State Board of Regents
  • James C. Dawson, Member of the Regents Cultural Education Committee
  • Carole F. Huxley, Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Education
  • Robert M. Johnson, Chair, Regents Cultural Education Committee
  • James Kadamus, Deputy Commissioner for Elementary, Middle, Secondary and Continuing Education
  • Janet M. Welch, State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries

Members of the Public Officials Honorary Advisory Group were:

  • Senator Hugh T. Farley
  • Senator John Randy Kuhl, Jr.
  • Senator Vincent L. Liebel
  • Assembly Majority Leader Michael J. Bragman
  • Assemblyman Martin A. Luster
  • Assemblywoman Naomi C. Matusow
  • Assemblyman Edward C. Sullivan
  • Congressman Sherwood L. Boehlert
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