Research Guide

New York State and Regional

The Early history of newspaper publishing in New York State

A Bibliography of newspapers in fourteen New York counties / Sylvia G. Faibisoff. (Cooperstown, N.Y. : South Central Research Library Council, New York State Historical Association, 1978)

Gazetteer of the State of New York / John Homer French. (Syracuse, N.Y. : R. Pearsall Smith, 1860)

History of the press in Western New-York from the beginning to the middle of the nineteenth century / Frederick Follett. (New York : C.F. Heartman, 1920)

Long Island bibliography / Richard B. Sealock and Pauline A. Seely. (Baltimore, Md. : 1940)

The New York Times: a chronology, 1851-2010 / William P. Lucey. (2010)

Summary of newspapers published in Onondaga County, New York to 1900 / Grace B. Lodder. (Syracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse Public Library, 1932)

National and International

International Coalition on Newspapers

American Newspapers 1821-1936: a union List of files available in the United States and Canada / Winifred Gregory. (New York,N.Y. : H.W. Wilson Co., 1937)

American periodicals, 1741-1900: an index to the microfilm collections / Jean Hoornstra. (Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfims International, 1979)

History and bibliography of American newspapers 1690-1820 / Clarence Brigham. (Worcester, Mass. : American Antiquarian Society, 1947)

Index to Readex microopaque collection of Early American Newspapers / Lydia Suzanne Kellerman and Rebecca A. Wilson. (Harrisburg, Pa. : State Library of Pennsylvania, 1990)

Irish American journalists / William P. Lucey. (2005)

Women in journalism: newspaper milestones / William P. Lucey. (2005)

Last Updated: May 4, 2017