Access to Electronic Journals & Magazines

You can access millions of magazine and journal articles from your office or home computer by using the New York State Library's collection of over 20,000 full-text electronic journals. As a New York State government employee, you have free and unlimited access to these electronic journals 24/7 with your NYSL Borrower's Card.

The electronic journals available encompass a wide variety of subjects including: architecture, art, biological sciences, business and economics, criminology, earth and environmental sciences, education,engineering, history, journalism, law, medicine and health, politics and government, social welfare and technology.

To see the list of full-text electronic journal titles available from the NYSL, go to the Full Text Electronic Journal Holdings List on the NYSL's website at To view the full-text articles in any of the journals listed, you will need your NYSL Borrower Card number ("P" number) and PIN. If you don't have a NYSL Borrower's card, email the Circulation Desk at or call 518-473-7895 to request a Borrower's card application for NYS government employees.

RSS Feeds and Readers

Many websites contain RSS feeds to make new content available to users in a fast and efficient manner. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and uses XML, a generic file format that allows information to be published once and viewed by several different programs. To take full advantage of RSS feeds you need to use a feed reader. A reader sometimes known as a news aggregator is a program that resides on your computer and compiles syndicated web content from the websites that you ask it to track. This allows the information from several websites to be consolidated in one place and viewed from your desktop. RSS readers eliminate the need to visit each website individually when an update is desired. There are many feed readers to choose from, some of the more popular readers include: FeedDemon, Google Reader, and Bloglines. If you regularly track content on a number of different websites consider adding an RSS feed reader to your toolkit. For a list of NYS Agency RSS News Feeds go to:

Last Updated: August 16, 2017