Changes to the Sign-up Process for Using Library Equipment

Over the next few months, the State Library will be transitioning to a self-sign up system for the public computers on the 7th floor. To sign up to use one of the public computers, you will need a NYSL Borrower Card. If you come to the State Library to use one of the public computers, please bring your NYSL Borrower Card with you.

The State Library’s six microfilm/microfiche machines, which are attached to computers and used for making digital copy from film or fiche, are also connected to the public floor computer sign-up system now. To use one of the microfilm/microfiche scanners, you must now sign up at the Genealogy/Equipment desk with your NYSL Borrower Card.

If you don’t have a NYSL Borrower Card, you can apply for borrower card in person, via email, or via fax (518-474-5279). Borrower card applications for NYS Government employees are available online. If you need a replacement card, e-mail the Circulation Unit or call 473-7895.

If you have any questions, please call the Library Reference Desk at 518-474-5355.

World War I Exhibit at NYS Library

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of start of World War I, the Library currently has an exhibit on the seventh floor that focuses on the experiences of Black Americans in WW1. While President Wilson was urging Americans to enter a war to defend democracy, Black Americans were suffering the terrors of racism and segregation in their own country.  Although they doubted and debated whether a war in Europe was "their war," ultimately, Black Americans saw the World War as an opportunity. When the War Department reluctantly began enlisting Blacks, though, it was into a segregated Army, with the specific intent of employing them as laborers rather than as part of the fighting forces.

"Our Colored Heroes: Black Patriots in an Age of Intolerance" will be on exhibit on the seventh floor through June 2014.

Last Updated: August 16, 2017