Too Busy to visit the State Library?

We deliver the books you need to your office - all you need is a NYSL Borrower's card. To request one or more books from the Library:

When you request a book, specify if you want the book held for pickup at the circulation desk or if you want the book charged out and sent to your office via interagency mail, LOB Access Point, or the State Campus Service Point. ENCON, NYSDOT and NYC sites are visited by the OGS courier. Materials will be sent to State employees located outside the Capital District via UPS. If you want the book sent to your office please include your: name, NYSL Borrower's Card number, office address and phone number. Requested books that are out on loan can be reserved for you and a notification will be sent when they become available. Contact the NYSL Circulation Unit at (518) 473-7895 with any questions.

Lifespan of Electronic Documents

Have you ever wondered what happens to the documents that are posted on your website once they are no longer there? Does your agency store these electronic documents in a document management system, an internal server or are they scattered about residing only on individual computers? Can you readily gain access to these documents when you need them? Would you know they exist if you were a new employee? The online lifespan of an electronic document is often brief yet their preservation and accessibility are often crucial to an agency's daily functions and overall mission. During the next several months the N.Y.S. Library will be testing some new methods and software to facilitate the collection and preservation of electronic documents. As we develop these initiatives we look forward to working together with all the agencies to ensure a more knowledgeable future for all.

Last Updated: August 16, 2017