New York State Library Materials on Display in Albany

Items from the State Library’s collection are routinely exhibited on the 7th floor of the Cultural Education Center.  Information on current and previous Library exhibits is available on our website:

We also loan items to other institutions for exhibits.  During the past few months Decoration Day at LaFargeville, NYwe have loaned a number of items for exhibits in the State Capitol.  Currently eight items, including the image pictured here, from our collection are on display in the Capitol in the War Room as part of the exhibit:  New York State:  Birthplace of Memorial Day.

You can view an online version of the Memorial Day exhibit at: of Governors Exhibit

The Tablet Goes to Work

Many people associate tablet computers primarily with leisure time pursuits; however, they are increasingly finding their way into the workplace, turning mundane tasks into applications that enhance our productivity. One example is note taking, something we all do at meetings, while learning new tasks, or as reminders to ourselves.  Simplenote and OneNote are two tablet applications that take this everyday task to a whole new level. 

Simplenote does exactly what its name implies: it provides an easy interface for users to jot down notes and add tags for organization and sharing. This app is currently free and available for the IPad, IPhone or Mac operating System. There is third party software available for other platforms such as BerryNote for Blackberry devices and SolidNote for devices running the  Android operating system. For more information see: Note Application

OneNote is a Microsoft product that has been a part of Microsoft’s Office Suite since 2003 and now has mobile apps for use with tablets and smart phones. OneNote allows users to write notes in their own handwriting, and add charts, images, audio and video files as needed. There is a free version of OneNote - see: OneNote for more information.
Last Updated: August 16, 2017