New Job and Career Database

The New York State Library has added JobNow™, including the Adult Learning Center, to the online resources available through the Research Library and the NOVELny platform. State employees can access the database at: You must create your own username and password to access some parts of the site (to submit a resume, take tests, etc.).

Brainfuse's JobNow service provides career information, résumé templates, assistance in writing résumés and cover letters, and assistance with the interview process. It also provides job listings, sample GED and U.S. citizenship tests, and subject tests. A live tutor is available to assist with résumés, interviews, tests, writing and career assessments. Résumés can also be submitted for comments.

JobNow™ is made possible through a federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) award funded through the New York State Education Department/New York State Library.

Free Online Statistical Packages

If you need to do some statistical analysis for an upcoming report or presentation you might find the following free online statistical packages useful. These tools are also helpful for those who are statistically challenged or do not have the time to learn more complex packages.

SOFA Statisticsexternal link and Brightstatexternal link are two open source products that emphasize ease of use while providing a variety of tools. Both packages provide users the opportunity to learn as you go and include helpful screen shots, step by step instructions, and video tutorials.  The statistical tools available run the gamut from bar and pie charts to more sophisticated tests like Independent and Paired t-tests and multiple regression analysis.

For MAC users Plainstat is available and suitable for analyzing small to medium datasets.  This package features a simple workspace and is versatile enough to be used for homework or business applications. Plainstat also offers an app for iPhone and iPod users.

Last Updated: August 16, 2017