Siege of Yorktown

Scenes and views at and around Yorktown

Black and white illustration from Harper's Weekly (May 24, 1862) showing a collage of eight scenes and views around Yorktown during the siege of Yorktown.

Caption: Scenes and views at and around Yorktown, Virginia. – Sketched by Mr. A.R. Waud. [Collection of images]: 1. Part of Franklin's Division moving up York River to West Point; 2. Road to the land fact of the Yorktown fortifications, Union forces and balloon; 3. Explosion of a torpedo; 4. Pursuit of [retreating] Rebels; 5. Magazine at the head of the ravine [at] Yorktown; 6. Taking possession of the enemy's works on Sunday; 7. The Nelson mansion, Yorktown, by the Rebels as a hospital; 8. Fortifications at Yorktown looking toward the river. (See page 331 [for related story].)

Source: Illustration from Harper's Weekly,May 24, 1862, pages 328-329.

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