Siege of Yorktown

Yorktown, Gloucester, and scenes in the camps before Yorktown

Black and white illustration from Harper's Weekly (May 10, 1862) showing four panoramic sketches of Yorktown, Gloucester, and scenes in the camps before Yorktown.

Caption: Yorktown, Gloucester and scenes in the camp before Yorktown. -Sketched by Mr. A.R. Waud. (See page 299 [for related story].)

  1. Gloucester from River [additional labels: redoubt, water battery, sandbags on top of earthworks, rebel headquarters, men at work on a new battery].
  2. Yorktown from the River [additional labels: sally port, water battery, cotton bales on dock, distant rebel works].
  3. Rebel fortifications near Wynnes Mill [additional labels: stockade of pointed stakes, rebel camp, covered-way].
  4. Portion of Rebel Battery at Wynnes Mill [the gun which wounded Lieut. Wagner] ; Baxter's Zouaves making a road through the woods in front of Yorktown.

Source: Illustration from Harper's Weekly , May 10, 1862, pages 296-297.

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