Siege of Yorktown

Our Army before Yorktown

Black and white illustration from Harper's Weekly (May 3, 1862) showing a collage of seven images depicting different aspects of the Siege of Yorktown.

Caption: Our army before Yorktown, Virginia – From a sketch by Mr. A.R. Waud and Mr. W. Homer. (See page 283 [for related story].)

The collection of images includes:

  1. Rebel Works seen from Gen. Porters Division;
  2. Reconnoissance [sic] in force by Gen. Gorman;
  3. Assault on Rebel batt[er]y at Lee's Mills by 3d Vermont Volunteers;
  4. The enemy's works near Yorktown;
  5. The Ocean Queen conveying troops to Yorktown;
  6. Berdan's Sharpshooters picking off the enemy's gunners;
  7. Religious services in camp of 61st. N.Y. Volunteers.

Source: Illustration from Harper's Weekly, May 3, 1862, pages 280-281.

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