Siege of Yorktown

The first day's firing at Yorktown

Black and white illustration from Harper's Weekly (April 26, 1862), showing a bird's-eye view of the first day's firing at Yorktown.

Caption: The first day's firing at Yorktown, April, 1862.—Sketched by officer of the topographical engineers. — (See page 262 [for related story].)—References. —1. Yorktown. —2. Four batteries of 21 guns, 32- and 42-pounders, and Columbiads.—3. Columbiads.—4. Two rifled guns.—5. Infantry attack.—6. Left wing.—7. Road from Williamsburg.—8. Major-General Couch's command.—9. Brigadier-General Smith's command, three brigades.—10. Brigadier-General Casey's command, three brigades.—11. General Butterfield's advance corps de armée, centre.—12. Head-quarters of General McClellan and staff.—13. General Sykes's reserve regulars, one brigade.—14. Major-General Heintzelman's command; Brigadier-General Porter's advance, one brigade; Brigadier-General Sedgwick, four brigades; Brigadier-General Hamilton, four brigades.—15. Masked battery of Dahlgren guns.—16. Seven United States gun-boats.—17. "Naugatuck."—18. General Porter's advance of the right wing.—19. Battery of 18 guns.—20. Gloucester.—21. Rebel regiments.—22. Rebel vessels.—NOTE. General Keyes, with his Brigade, stationed on Mulberry Island.

Source: Illustration from Harper's Weekly, April 26, 1862, page 261.

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