Siege of Yorktown

Big Bethel

Black and white illustration from Harper's Weekly (April 26, 1862) of Big Bethel.

Caption: Big Bethel and its fortifications occupied (by our troops, April, 1862.–Sketched by officer of the topographical engineers. – (See page 262 [for related story]) – References: 1. Yorktown.–2. Camps of the Union troops.–3. Baggage train of Union Army on road to Yorktown.–4. Big Bethel.–5. Embankments for infantry.–6. Battery for four guns.–7. Battery for two guns.–8. Battery for two guns.–9. Battery for two guns. –10. Burned farms.–11. Road from Hampton, 11 miles.

Source: Illustration from Harper's Weekly, April 26, 1862, page 260.

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