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Thomas Gibbons (1757-1826):

Thomas Gibbons was a lawyer, politician, steamboat operator, and the plaintiff in Gibbons vs. Ogden.

In 1810 he purchased a summer house in Elizabethtown Point, New Jersey. In 1817 he acquired a little steam ferry, the Stoudinger, and in 1818, the Bellona, of which Cornelius Vanderbilt was captain.

He eventually entered into a partnership with Aaron Ogden, but in 1818 Gibbons broke with Ogden and started competing with him. Ogden thereupon secured an injunction on Oct. 21, 1818; Gibbons appealed and the case eventually ended up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the Library's collection: Thomas Gibbons Papers, 1821-1829
New York State Library call number: SC21205 (1 box, 0.25 cu.ft.)

Papers consist chiefly of accounts and invoices related to the operation of steamboats Bellona, Thistle, Swan, and Linnaeus. Includes details of wages paid to the crew, food and other provisions for crew, and the general maintenance of the boats. Also includes many detailed accounts of freight shipments and costs.


Dictionary of American Biography,
New York State Library call number: A,920.073,qD55a