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Transcript of the Laws of 1803, Chapter 94

Steam Boat.

[Laws of 1803], Chap[ter] XCIV [94]

AN ACT relative to a Steam boat.

Passed the April 5th, 1803

BE it enacted by the People of the State of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That the rights, privileges and advantages granted to Robert R. Livingston, in and by the act entitled “An act repealing an act for granting and securing to John Fitch the sole right and advantage of making and employing the steam boat by him lately invented, and for other purposes,” passed the twenty-seventh day of March, one thousand seven hundred and and [sic] ninety-eight, be extended to Robert R. Livingston and Robert Fulton, for the term of twenty years from the passing of this act; and that the term for giving the necessary proof of the practicability of a boat of twenty tons capacity, being propelled by steam through the water, with and against the ordinary current of Hudson river, taken together, four miles an hour, be and the same is hereby extended to two years from the passing of this act.

Passed the 27th of March, 1798