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Two Letters Written by Robert Fulton in NYSL's Collection

Letter from Robert Fulton
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Letter from Robert Fulton

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Text of 1813 Letter, page 1:

New York, Feby 23d, 1813


Yesterday I sent you a copy of the grant of Livingston and Fulton to W. Stevens, which was put into the form of a contract merely to save his feelings that it might not bear the appearance of total dependence and some mention is made that if he invents any thing we might use it, which however he never has done. You will observe in the first part of the grant he acknowledges me the inventor, which part I suspect he has kept out of sight in the copies of said contract which he has distributed and of which you saw one. You will also see that if in 7 years from the date of the contract which was in Decemb 1809 he does not have at least one boat on each water granted, that water [indecipherable] shall at that time not have a boat and all right to navigate

Text of 1813 Letter, page 2:

steamboats thereon shall return to Livingston and Fulton. This is a second acknowledgement that the right was originally in me and that wherever he used steam boats he worked under my patent, his acts then in North Carolina is a flagrant breach of faith of contract of honor and for its folly[?] as well as an injustice has few parallels in the conduct of any man whose heart is correct for now that has the state grant he cannot use my patent within the state without my consent. I shall certainly prosecute him and his subscribers will have to pay the expenses. [this with him?] they enter an injunction and a lawsuit which they must either loose [sic] or defeat the patent laws, were the latter possible. [T]hen he will be ruined on the Delaware and on all the rivers

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