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Fulton 1814 letter, page 1

Two Letters Written by Robert Fulton in NYSL's Collection

Text of 1814 Letter, page 1:

New York, February 11th, 1814 Dear Sir, In about six weeks the Patommack, the James River, and Mr. Cuttings Steam ferry boat will be finished and I shall have fulfilled all the contracts in which I enjoyed on this side the Allegany mountains. There are about 50 good workmen in the shop who will then be out of employ and must be discharged unless you and Mr. R.L. [Robert – crossed out] have or do procure work for them [within – crossed out] before the 15 of April. To keep the works and men employed I sent to Robert on 16 December all the contracts for the southern line that he might correspond with the several presidents of the companies and call in the necessary funds for constructing the engines and machinery[.]

1814 letter page 2

"Text of 1814 Letter, page 2:

[H]e returned my letters unopened. I have learned no more of the business and am determined never to hear more of it. I mention the state of the works in Jersey that you may decide whether you can employ the men or whether they shall be discharged and the shops shut. Respectfully your most obedient Rob. Fulton Edward P. Livingston, Esq. Clermont