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Fulton to Ogden
Robert Fulton to Aaron Ogden

Battle of the Booklets, Part 2
William Duer vs. Cadwallader Colden

Robert Fulton Counters

Fulton countered with a letter, challenging:

“But as you have looked much into books, models and abortive experiments, to prove Steam Boats an old invention, can you shew any publication, model or work, that distinctly points out what the power of the engine must be to drive the boat the required velocity? Or any work that distinctly shews the best mode for taking the purchase of the water, whether by oars, paddles, shulls, endless chains, ducks’ feet, valves or wheels? Or what should be the size of the paddle-boars and their velocity? No, Sir, you cannot – these indispensable first principles are no where to be found, except in my patent; they are the discovery, the invention, which caused success.”

Fulton, Robert. Robert Fulton to Aaron Ogden, Esq. [New York, 1813? 1814?] New York State Library call number: N,609.2,F97f