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Brochure Describing Hudson River Route

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Stirring Drama Along the Hudson's Scenic Route

Top name among the world's most famous rivers: THE HUDSON! This mighty blue ribbon connecting the "throbbing towers and canyons of New York City with Albany, the capital of the Empire State, present a spectacle without equal in all the world. People have traveled far across these United States to feast their eyes on this astonishing scenery, while breathing the delicious air and relaxing on broad decks.

A gay and graceful Day Line Steamer, leaving its New York City pier among the Trans-Atlantic liners, offers travelers and holiday-makers a unique perspective of the city skyline. Then past yachts and the kaleidoscope of harbor life, gliding with swift ease, you behold the scenery shifted as, on the west shore, the ramparts of the Palisades rise sheer from the river mile after mile. Presently you sail into the broad blue Tappan Zee. After leaving this inland sea, you wind your way through the grandeur of the Highlands where towering above you and pressing the river deep within themselves are the historic mountains: High Tor, Dunderberg, Bear Mountain, Anthony's Nose, Sugar Loaf, Mt. Taurus, Storm King, and Breakneck Mountain. Here among Nature's stately architecture you may visit such famous recreation places as Indian Point and Bear Mountain. West Point is also nestled in these massive mountain sides where the bugle calls echo from the parade grounds.

The red, white and blue Day Line flag, whipping in the sunlight from the staff of your steamer, is guiding you through the very heart of American History. Every hill and valley has a story to tell of Colonial or Revolutionary Days, and glows with Legends of Washington Irving. Above the Highlands at the historic river town of Newburgh, you can see the quaint building, perfectly preserved, where George Washington lived and planned campaigns with Lafayette.

Midway between New York and Albany, you reach the city Poughkeepsie, seat of famous Vassar College. This is the northern terminal for Day Line passengers, making a one day round trip from New York.

Have You Ever Explored the Northern Horizons of the Hudson?

Northbound from Poughkeepsie the Day Line steamers pass beautiful wooded shores dotted with famous estates, including many fine old homes of Dutch settlers. At Kingston Point and Catskill travelers make connections for Catskill Mountain resorts. The Catskills with their crags and valleys a few miles west of the river are famous the world over in the legend of Rip Van Winkle, are seen by travelers from the decks of a Day Line steamer. Presently the steamer's whistle announces a landing at the old whaling port of Hudson. Then begins the northernmost leg of the journey. You sail past quaint lighthouses, and among wooded islands that give you the feeling of exploring a chain of lakes. Finally the towers of the State Capitol appear above the horizon.

Truly a rare and wonderful route for a day's sail, with stirring drama in every mile. Many people enjoy it again and again, and see new sights each time. Delicious food is served in dining rooms where the marvelous panorama is in full view on both sides. Cafeteria service is also available. These famous steamers are themselves part of the whole pageant of the Hudson. They are worthy companions of the River. Together they create a trip not-to-be missed and always-to-be-remembered.

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(brochure from Fred B. Abele Transportation History Collection (SC22662), Box 70, Folder 14)