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Map of the Hudson River Showing Route of the Hudson River Day Line

Map of Hudson River, from New York City to Albany, from a brochure describing the route of the Hudson River Day Line steamships.

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Map of Hudson River showing route of Hudson River Day Line

A map of the Hudson River, showing the route of the Hudson River Day Line steamships. The map is divided in two parts, with the left-hand side showing the river from New York City north to Poughkeepsie and the right-hand side continuing from Poughkeepsie north to Albany. Drawings of local landmarks decoarate certain locations along the route, including the State Capitol at Albany, Vassar College at Poughkeepsie, the Military Academy at West Point, and the Trylon and Perisphere of the World's Fair at New York City (which dates the brochure to around 1939). An inset in the middle shows a map of bus lines to Catskill Mountain resorts.

View other side of brochure (description of route).

(brochure from Fred B. Abele Transportation History Collection (SC22662), Box 70, Folder 14)