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William Duer vs. Cadwallader Colden (cont.)

Colden's Response
Colden's response to Duer

Duer's letter of respons to Colden
Duer's letter of response to Colden

Colden Responds

Colden’s 165-page response opens “Sir, It is extremely to be regretted that a single professional engagement should have prevented your perusing the Biography of Fulton at an earlier period” and goes on to chastise him for his “deadly hostility to the interest of Messrs. Livingston and Fulton.”

A Vindication by Cadwallader D. Colden, of the Steam Boat Right Granted by the State of New York [to Livingston and Fulton]; in the Form of an Answer to the Letter of Mr. Duer, Addressed to Mr. Colden (Albany: Printed by Websters and Skinners, 1818) New York State Library call number: N,040E,v. 7

Duer Responds

Duer responded with a 184-page letter that opens “Sir, When your unwarrantable attack on the Report of the Select Committee, upon Mr. Ogden’s Memorial, compelled me to step forward in defence [sic] of measures for which I felt myself responsible, I was by no means unmindful of the invidious nature of the task. I was aware of the jealousy with which persons invested with exclusive privileges, regard those who scrutinize their claims, and I presumed, that in exact proportion as I should succeed in vindicating the Committee from your aspersions, and in establishing the facts and principles of their Report, I should hazard the resentment of every individual whose interest might be involved in the discussion.”

He goes on: “You have, indeed, poured yourself forth, Mr. Colden, without restraint and without disguise. You have assailed me with every weapon of ridicule and detraction. You would devote me toe public contempt and execration, as a childish reasoner, - an obscure and half learned pettifogger, - an ignorant and corrupt legislator; - but fortunately, the attack is as impotent as it is violent; - I feel, that it cannot hurt me. "

A Reply to Mr. Colden's Vindication of the Steamboat Monopoly. With an Appendix, Containing Copies of the Most Important Documents Referred to in the Argument (Albany: Printed and published by E. and E. Hosford, 1819) New York State Library call number: N,387,D85