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James Rumsey vs. John Fitch: Joseph Barnes's Remarks

Joseph Barnes, serving as Rumsey’s attorney, countered, also in 1788, with another pamphlet: Remarks on Mr. John Fitch’s Reply to Mr. James Rumsey’s Pamphlet (N,387,R93), in which he refutes Fitch’s claims. Mr. Barnes sums up his remarks by noting:

Fitch's Reply
Joseph Barnes' Remarks

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“It may be necessary now to add that the heavy charges of perjury, falshood [sic], want of memory or candour, which are so illiberally brought by Mr. Fitch ... were made by a man, who not only attempted to bribe a gentleman of character to swear to a falshood [sic], but who actually committed this heinous offence, in order either to avail himself of Mr. Rumsey’s invention, or to prevent him from deriving the emoluments due to this ingenuity. How Mr. Fitch can after this instance of flagitious conduct, expect the patronage of any honest man, I am at a loss to determine.” – Page xvi