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In the Newspapers: An 1807 Advertisement about The North River Steam Boat

ad for North River Steam Boat run
[New York] American Citizen, August 20, 1807

An ad announcing “The North River Steam Boat” (not the Clermont, the name most people think Fulton’s first steamboat was named) would begin service between New York and Albany on September 4. Included were fares and time of trip.


Will leave Paulas Hook ferry on Friday the 4th of September, at 6 in the morning, and arrive at Albany on Saturday the 6th, in the afternoon.

Provisions, good births [sic] and accommodations are provided. The charge to each passenger as follows:

  Dollars Time
To Newburgh 3 14 hours
To Poughkeepsie 4 17 do
To Esopus 4 1/2 20 do
To Hudson 5 30 do
To Albany 7 36 do

For places, apply to Wm. Vandervoort, No. 48, Courtlandt-street, on the corner of Greenwich street.

Way passengers to Tary Town [sic], &c. &c. will apply to the captain on board.

The STEAM BOAT will leave Albany on Monday, the 7th of September, at 6 in the morning, and arrive at New-York on Tuesday at 6 in the evening.

She will leave New-York on Wednesday morning at 6, and arrive at Albany on Thursday at 6 in the evening.

She will leave Albany on Friday morning at 6 and arrive at New York on Saturday evening at 6, thus performing two voyages from Albany and one from New-York within the week.

On Monday the 14th and Friday the 18th she will leave New York at 6 in the morning, and Albany in the 16th at 6 in the morning, after which the arrangement for her departures will be announced."

[New York] American Citizen, September 2, 1807--
New York State Library call number: BOX 409