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The Burnside Expedition - Seven Images

Black-and-white illustration from Harper's Weekly magazine, March 15, 1862 issue, showing Exchanging 2nd N.C. Prisoners.

Caption: The Burnside Expedition – Sketched by Mr. A. Wiser and others. [Seven images]:

  1. Exchanging 2nd N.C. Prisoners;
  2. St. Paul's Church, Edenton;
  3. Shores of the Albemarle Sound;
  4. Belvidere Fishery near Edenton, N.C.;
  5. Exchanging Prisoners at Elizabeth C[it]y;
  6. Landing Rebel Prisoners;
  7. Elizabeth City, N.Y.

Source: Harper's Weekly, March 15, 1862, page 173

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Last Updated: February 8, 2012