Processing the Abele Collection

Photo Albums

Many of the photographs were in three-ring binders and have extensive information about the trains and stations.

photo of a page from one of the scrapbooks, showing both photos and textual information about them.
The information is either on the same page as the photographs on on pages next to them.

staff member removing pages from their original binder, which is not archivally sound
The binders are not archivally sound so the pages are removed ...

staff member transferring pages to a new folder
... and the pages from the binder are put into lignin-free folders.
staff member copying notes from the original binder to the new folder
Notes found on binders - in this case, Binder R-1 - are copied onto the folder and ...
photo of carts of files from the collection, and a trash basket for the archivally unsound binders that are thrown away
.. the archivally unsound binders are thrown away.

As Fred sorts and rehouses, he takes copious notes to ensure creation of a detailed, helpful finding aid.

Last Updated: November 21, 2012