Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac

The "Monitor" as She Is – Interior and Exterior

Black-and-white illustration from Harper's Weekly magazine, April 12, 1862 issue, showing The Monitor interior and exterior.

Caption: The "Monitor" as She Is – Interior and Exterior. Sketched by our special artist. 1. [Head-and-shoulders portraits of Lieutenant William Nicholson] Jeffers and [Chief Engineer Alban C.] Stimers; 2. Captain’s Cabin; 3. Engine-room; 4. Berth Deck; 5. Interior of the Tower; 6. Turret Machinery; 7. Ready for Action; 8. Wheel House; 9. Ward-room  – (See page 237 [for related story])

Source: Illustration from Harper's Weekly, April 12, 1862, page 236

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Last Updated: March 6, 2012