Battle of Fort Sumter Online Exhibit

The Heroes of Fort Sumter

Illustration of nine officers from Fort Sumter.

Caption: The Heroes of Fort Sumter.

Back row: Capt. T Seymour, 1st Lieut. G.W. Snyder, 1st Lt. J.C. Davis, 2nd Lt. R.K. Meade, 1st Lt. T. Talbot
Front row: Capt. A. Doubleday, Maj. R. Anderson, Asst. Surg. S.W. Crawford, Capt. J.G. Foster

This appears to be a cropped version of the illustration "Major Anderson's Command at Fort Sumter," which appeared in Harper's on March 23, 1861.

Source: Illustration from Harper's Weekly, May 4, 1861, page 284.

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Last Updated: April 17, 2012