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Insignia and Swords of the U.S. Army

Black-and-white illustration from Harper's Weekly magazine showing the insignia of different ranks within the U.S. Army, as well as the different styles of swords used.

Row 1: Lieutenant-General, Major-General, Brigadier-General, Colonel

Row 2: Lieutenant-Colonel and Major, Captain, First Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant

Row 3: Sugeon, Quartermaster, Paymaster, Commissary

Row 4: Hospital Steward, Sergeant-Major, Quartermaster-Sergeant, First or Orderly Sergeant, Second Sergeant, Corporal

Row 5: 1. Sword and scabbard for foot officers; 2. General officer's sword; 3. Sword of general staff, staff corps, and field and staff of regiments; 4. Sabre for cavalry; 5. Musicians and non-commissioned officers (sword); 6. Medical and pay departments (sword); Service stripe (insignia)


Caption: Insignia of Rank, and Regulation Swords of the United States Army. See page 254 [for related story].

Source: Illustration from New York Illustrated News, August 19, 1861, page 252.

Last Updated: August 10, 2011