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Skirmish at Sandy Hook

Skirmish at Sandy Hook, a black-and-white illustration from Harper's Weekly magazine.

Caption: Skirmish between a Portion of the Ninth and Confederate Troops across the River at Sandy Hook.

Source: Illustration and text from Harper's Weekly, August 3, 1861, page 491.

Skirmish on the Potomac

Skirmishing along the Potomac has become an everyday amusement with the troops stationed on the upper part of that river. Scarcely a day passes without an exchange of shots at some point between Edwards Ferry and Sandy Hook. Both parties generally keep themselves sheltered behind the trees and rocks that line the shores. So far two of the Federal troops have been killed and three wounded. It is not known how many have lost their lives on the other side. Several have been seen to fall. This sketch represents a little brush which took place at Sandy Hook a few days ago. After some pretty sharp firing, in which nobody was hurt, the Virginians retreated into the mountains, and hostilities were suspended.

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Last Updated: August 7, 2012