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Locomotives Dismantled by the Rebels

Locomotives dismantled by rebels, a black-and-white illustration from Harper's Weekly magazine.

Caption: Locomotives Dismantled by the Rebels at Martinsburg, Virginia. Sketched by our special artist.

Source: Illustration and text from Harper's Weekly, August 3, 1861 , page 491.

Destruction of Locomotives at Martinsburg, Va.

On this page we illustrate one of the effects of the Southern Rebellion – the destruction of valuable property by the rebels. Our special artist writes us from Martinsburg: "The destruction of locomotives, cars, etc., by the Confederates is one of the most disgraceful sights I ever witnessed. Forty-two as fine engines as could be built have been mutilated, some by burning, others by mere destruction with hammers and crowbars. The stationary engine has met with no better treatment, and the buildings themselves were only saved from destruction by the precipitate flight of the Confederate troops."

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Last Updated: August 7, 2012