A collection development policy is a strategic and vital management tool. Not only does it provide a guide for acquiring materials, but it also facilitates decision-making in other areas such as preservation and cooperative collection development. This new edition of the State Library's collection development policy reflects changing information needs, rapidly developing technologies, the Library's statewide responsibilities and official mandates for collection and preservation of materials.

The New York State Library has a distinguished history of service to the government and people of New York State. A leader in promoting statewide interlibrary loan, the New York State Library also operates a regional Talking Book and Braille Library.

The Library's in-depth and unique collections are valuable resources for researchers in a variety of disciplines. The Library's collection is particularly strong in law, medicine, social sciences, American and New York State history, certain pure sciences, technology, and Federal and State documents.

In addition to traditional resources, the Library has access to over 1,000 computerized databases. A leader in the field of library automation, the State Library was among the first research libraries to develop and support an online public catalog. As the amount of information available electronically continues to proliferate, the State Library will expand and enhance its technological infrastructure to provide access to these electronic resources.

Reflecting the increasing importance of working toward strengthened cooperative collection programs, this edition of the Policy adheres closely to guidelines developed and recommended for use by the Washington Library Network (WLN). Spiraling costs of library materials make interdependence among research libraries necessary. Shared cataloging systems and communications networks provide the means to support this interdependence through improved access to materials held by other library institutions.

I would like to thank the Collection Development Committee (Mary Redmond, Chair; Evelyn Galante, Collection Development Liaison; Soumaya Baaklini, Christine Bain, Margaret Cairo, James Corsaro, Cara Janowsky, James Lane, Sally Legendre, Sharon Oskam, Lee Stanton, Darrell Welch, and Sandy Wolff) for their work in the revision and expansion of this Policy. I would especially like to thank Evelyn Galante for her editorial work in seeing the Policy through its conclusion.

This Policy was formally endorsed by the New York State Library Executive Group and approved by Janet M. Welch, State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries.

Liz Lane
New York State Library


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Last Updated: August 26, 2010