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letter of April 13, 1857

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April 13, 1857.

My Dear Miss Fuller,

On Sunday Eve. Last the assembled at Corinthian Hall about five hundred persons to hear a lecture from Wm. W. Brown on Slavery. Mr. Brown did not come and the audience were [sic] disappointed. I had obtained the Hall placarded the city, procured editorial notices to be given in Saturday's papers and made all needful arrangements. I am disappointed. Not being in the habit of disappointing meeting myself, I have perhaps, the less patience with this disappointment. You have already received the placard announcing the lecture for Mr. Brown. I send you herewith the notices given in two of our leading City papers; the "American" and "Democrat." It seems that Mr. Brown Telegraphed here on Friday to know if arrangements had been made for a meeting—and was answered that none had been made. Of this I did not know until Saturday afternoon.

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As soon as it came to my knowledge I telegraphed him at Buffalo card of George Wren a friend of his—stating that arrangements had been made for a meeting urging him to come. Instead of enquiring of Mr. Post about the meeting Mr. Brown should have telegraphed those who were engaged to make arrangements for his meeting and who are responsible for the expense attending it.

I am Dear Friend, with best regards to your Dear Mother.
Very Truly, but a "little riled" friend
F. Douglass

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