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Letter 4

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letter of April 10 1857

Roch. April 10, 1857.

My Dear Miss Fuller, As soon as yours came this morning I set about arranging for the meeting for Mr. Brown, assuming that you must know that he will be here without fail. I have secured Corinthian Hall, the finest in this city (and some say in W. New York) and am now having placards printed announcing a lecture by Mr. Wm Wells Brown for Sunday Evening. Now if he don't come who am I to hold accountable for the failure? You, my Dear Friend, are just the precious individual upon whom I shall fall back when I rise next Sunday Evening and state to the audience assembled to hear Mr. W that from some cause which I am unable to explain Mr. Brown is not present. Then you may expect have [sic] your own dear name spoken right out before the congregation.

Right Truly your Sincere and grateful Friend Frederick Douglass
P.S. Instead of "Miss Fuller" I shall say "A Friend" acting for Mr. Brown — assured me that the orator and dramatist would certainly be there.

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