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Beginning in 2010, the New York State Library is providing an online registration tool to all public libraries as part of Summer Reading at New York Libraries.

Summer Reader, the online registration tool developed by Evanced, will be available for use with summer reading programs as well as year round for other library reading program registration and tracking. Online registration for Summer Reading at New York Libraries increases the ease of participation in the program for today’s children and families.

In October 2007, a Committee chaired by Karen Balsen, Library Development Specialist in the New York State Library and Coordinator of the Statewide Summer Reading Program first met to begin studying the appropriate use of new technology to support “Summer Reading at New York Libraries” and the goals of increasing participation and meeting the needs of the diverse families and children from all across the state.

Summer Reading at New York Libraries is funded through the Federal Library Services and Technology Act, with funds awarded to the New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Advantages of Online Registration for Summer Reading

  1. Support of Literacy Skills
    1. Encourages use of library and reading all summer.
    2. Encourages writing - children, teens and families writing reviews
    3. Supports NYS education standards
      1. English Language - Standard 2 and 3
      2. The Arts - Standard 2
      3. Mathematics, Science, and Technology – Standard 1 and 2
    4. Encourages reading as a fun summer activity that can easily fit into a summer of swimming, sports, outdoor activities, and family vacations.
  2. Improved Library Service to Families and Youth
    1. Contributes to the public library role as technology hub in the community
    2. Children, teens and families who travel during the summer can still participate.
    3. Easy for children, teens and families to keep track of what they are reading.
    4. Can coordinate with local events calendar software used on some library web pages.
  3. Expanded Summer Reading Program
    1. Expands the program beyond library walls
    2. Allows presentation of the library’s resources  to a wider audience
    3. Easy method for outreach to some nontraditional library users
    4. Children, especially teens, gravitate to programs that link to an online environment.
    5. Increases opportunities for collaboration and cooperation with local schools.
    6. Improves program marketing and helps encourage diversity.
  4. Improved Administrative Coordination
    1. Creates an easier system for more comprehensive library statistics and evaluation
    2. Creates a cohesive system for recording and reporting Summer Reading at New York Libraries program information among the public library systems statewide.
  5. Cost savings of statewide program is significant as compared with individual libraries/systems contracting costs for online registration.
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