New York State Library Division of Library Development

September 1,1999


Improving Library Services For All

GOAL 1: All New Yorkers will have access to Electronic Doorway Library (EDL) services provided by libraries transformed by technology.

Key Strategies

  1. Implement the Third Statewide Library Technology Plan.
  2. Help systems and libraries secure other funding to be used for technology, including:
    • Gates Foundation
    • E-Rate discounts
    • Technology Literacy Challenge Grant Awards
    • Libraries 2001
  3. Implement the Statewide Data Base Initiative (EmpireLink), to provide access to full-text electronic databases for local libraries.
  4. Continue to provide professional development opportunities to increase Library Development Specialists' (LDS) knowledge of major technological issues facing libraries.

Key Performance Measures for Goal 1

  • Number of libraries that meet the EDL criteria as outlined by the third Statewide Library Technology Plan.
  • Number of eligible applicants applying for Gates Foundation grants.
  • Number of libraries and systems receiving E-rate discounts under the Telecommunications Act of 1996.
  • Number of public libraries participating in the Technology Literacy Challenge Grant program.
  • Number of libraries accessing EmpireLink.

GOAL 2: All New Yorkers will have access to library services and resources that support their efforts to become life-long readers and learners.

Key Strategies

  1. Encourage libraries to offer expanded, cooperative adult and family literacy, workforce-preparedness and economic development programs and services through Adult Literacy, Parent-Child and Library Services and Technology Act discretionary grants.
  2. Encourage reading by increasing the visibility of the Great New York ReadAloud and Statewide Summer Reading Program.
  3. Work with State Education Department (SED), school library systems and external partners to integrate public library and school library services into the Comprehensive District Education Plans.

Key Performance Measures for Goal 2

  • Number of libraries and library systems that are partners in literacy, K-12 education, workforce and economic development initiatives.
  • Number of public libraries reaching out to help the unserved and underserved populations using Parent/Child, Adult Literacy and LSTA Special Services grants.
  • Number of school libraries included in Comprehensive District Education Plans.
  • Number of public libraries included in Comprehensive District Education Plans.
  • Number of people and institutions participating in the State Library’s statewide reading programs.

GOAL 3: Public policy will acknowledge and support the role of libraries in a learning society.

Key Strategies

  1. Lead effort to pass Libraries 2001 legislation.
  2. Provide information for, and input to, the Commission on Library Services as it develops recommendations regarding the future of library services in New York State.
  3. Work with the Research Library, the Office of Cultural Education, the New York Library Association and others to advocate for adequate State and federal funding to support the State Library.
  4. Conduct Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) five-year evaluation and use results to lead national effort to reauthorize LSTA.
  5. Develop a comprehensive communications plan for Library Development.

Key Performance Measures for Goal 3

  • Library 2001 legislation passed by Legislature and approved by Governor.
  • Commission on Library Services recommendations reflect LD input.
  • Library Development is adequately staffed and has sufficient funding.

GOAL 4: Libraries* and library systems will provide high quality, cost-effective services and collections that meet the needs of their communities, now and in the future. (For conservation/preservation purposes this also includes archives and historical records repositories.)

Key Strategies

  1. Begin to implement new Plans of Service process during 1999/2000.
  2. Continue to work with public library systems to help public libraries comply with Minimum Public Library Standards during 1999/2000.
  3. Provide Library Development Specialists with professional development opportunities on major information analysis, planning and evaluation issues and tools in order to assist libraries and systems as needed.

Key Performance Measures for Goal 4

  • Number of library systems with approved new plans of service.
  • Number of public libraries in compliance with minimum standards regulations.
  • Number and types of professional development opportunities for LD specialists


GOAL 5: The Library Development staff will provide high quality, cost-effective services to their customers.

Key Strategies

  1. In cooperation with State Archives and Records Administration, complete development of the first phase of the Customer Support System.
  2. Outsource the Public Library Annual Report Process.

Key Performance Measures for Goal 5

  • Complete first phase of Customer Support System.
  • Establish the new outsourced electronic public library annual report process for the 1999 data collection cycle.


GOAL 6:Library Development will have a supportive work environment for all staff.

Key Strategies

  1. Improve the physical work environment of LD staff.
  2. Help interested staff to participate in SED's Telecommuting Pilot program.
  3. Develop new performance plans for all LD staff members.
  4. Implement a reorganization of LD.

Key Performance Measures for Goal 6

  • Renovated work space for LD staff.
  • Evaluation of SED's Telecommuting Pilot program.
  • 100% of PS&T staff have new performance plans by October 1999.
  • Staff successfully transition to new responsibilities by September 1999.
  • Evaluation of success of LD reorganization by March 2000.

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