New York State Library Aid - Overview of Funding Formula Factors in Education Law for FY 2016-2017

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Type of Aid

Education Law Citations

Formula Factors

PLS Basic Aid

Public Library System Basic Formula Aid:



1. Per County
273 (1)(a) $20,000 if serving one county; $25,000 per county if more than 1 county; $10,000 per partial county served
2. Per Capita
273(1) (c) 94 cents per capita
3. Reimbursement of Per Capita Expenditures on Library Materials (called “Book Reimbursal”)
273(1)(d)(1) Reimbursement may not exceed 68 cents per capita
4. Per Square Mile
273(1)(e) $52-$72 per square mile
5. Minimum Funding Amount Per System for 1 to 4 (called “Due Minimum”)
273(1)(n) Due Minimum - $675,000 per system
6. Automation Aid
273(1)(d)(2) 7% of Book Reimbursal amount, minimum of $76,500

PLS Supplemental Operating Aid

PLS Supplemental Operating Aid


$39,000 per system
10.94% of Basic Aid


PLS Local Library Services Aid (Member Libraries only)


31 cents per capita
Minimum - $1,500 per library
Formula equity to 2001 LLSA level


PLS Local Services Support Aid (Systems outside NYC)


31 cents per capita of Unserved Areas
2/3 of LLSA (Member Libraries)


PLS Local Consolidated Systems Aid (Brooklyn Public, New York Public and Queens Library only)


31 cents per capita
2/3 of 31 cents per capita
Formula Equity to 1991 LLIA level

PLS Coordinated Outreach

PLS Coordinated Outreach Services Program


$43,000 + 13 cents per capita

PLS Central Library Aid

PLS Central Library Development Aid (CLDA)

273 (1)(b)(1)

32 cents per capita of system population
Minimum - $105,000 per system

PLS Central Library Materials Aid (called “Central Book Aid”) 273 (1)(b)(2) $71,500 per system
PLS Special Grants Brooklyn Public Library 273(1)(k) $350,000
Buffalo and Erie County Public Library 273(1)(l) $50,000
Nassau Library System 273(1)(m) $30,000

PLS County Jails and PLS State Corrections Aid

PLS Services for County Jails (also called Interinstitutional)
PLS Services for State Correctional Facilities



$175,000 statewide; apportioned by ratio, based on number of inmates per facility

$9.25 per inmate

The New York Public Library Services to CUNY students 273(1)(g) $2,000,000
Science, Industry, Business Library Services 273(1)(g) $1,000,000
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture 273(1)(i) $734,000
Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library 273(1) (i) $984,000
Research Libraries-Books 273(1)(g) $767,000
Research Libraries-Undesignated 273(1)(g) $5,649,600

3Rs Basic Aid

Reference and Research Library Resources Systems (3Rs) Basic Aid


$270,000 per system
6 cents per capita
$1.50 per square mile

3Rs Hospital Library Services

3Rs Hospital Library Services Aid


$1,396,000 statewide (Per regulation is apportioned by 75 cents per square mile and $4,000 per hospital, with remaining balance apportioned by ratio, based on number of beds per hospital)

3Rs Medical Information Services Program

3Rs Medical Information Services Program Aid


$506,000 statewide; apportioned by ratio based on weighted number of hospitals, teaching hospitals and other system members

3Rs Regional Bibliographic Data Bases Program

3Rs Regional Bibliographic Data Bases Program


$200,000 per system
2 cents per capita

3Rs Supplemental Operating Aid

3Rs Supplemental Operating Aid


$39,000 per system
10.94% of Basic Aid

SLS Basic Aid School Library Systems (SLS) Basic Aid 284(1)(a)(b)(c)(d) Per System Base Grant: $83,000, $90,000, $123,000, or $897,000 Per District
284(1)(e)(2) $500 (minimum $4,300 BOCES, $5,000 Cities of 125,000+)
284(1)(e)(1) Per Student 29 cents
284(1)(e)(3) Per Square Mile $2.45
284(1)(f) Per Merger $50,000 (1/1/1984 - 3/31/2008), $90,000 (after 3/31/2008)
SLS Automation Aid SLS Automation Aid 284(1)(g) 10% of Basic Aid

SLS Supplemental Operating Aid

SLS Supplemental Operating Aid


$39,000 per system
10.94% of Basic Aid

Coordinated Collection Development Aid

Coordinated Collection Development Aid (CCDA)for Academic Libraries


$4,400 per institution base grant
$1.04 per FTE student

Conservation/ Preservation

Conservation/Preservation Formula Aid for Big 11 Research Libraries

273 (7)(a)

$158,000 per institution

Indian Libraries Aid for Indian Libraries 271(1) $18,000 per reservation
271(2) $18.20 per capita
271(3) $1.50 per acre

Summary Chart

Conservation/Preservation Discretionary (Competitive) Grant Project Awards

273 (7) (c)

$500,000 statewide

Summary Chart

Center for Jewish History



Summary Chart

New-York Historical Society



Summary Chart

Adult Literacy Library Program



Summary Chart

Family Literacy Library Program



Source: New York State Library, Division of Library Development as of June 13, 2017

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