2010-2011 Library Aid Charts

Estimated Figures based on Legislative Action as of February 2, 2011

Includes Article VII Provisions

Summary Charts for Estimated Library Aid [in .PDF pdf file; 17k] | "cover sheet" [.PDF pdf file only ; 13k] | formula [.PDF pdf file only ; 11k]

Explanatory Notes

The New York State Library prepared the library aid charts in this document in order to project estimated aid payments of 2010-2011. State aid for libraries based on Legislative Action as of February 2, 2011. Library aid is allocated based on formulas in Education Law. Some aid formulas include per capita or per student factors. Therefore, the estimated Education Law amount for 2010-2011 may vary from what would be anticipated based on prior year figures.

Chapter 2 of the Laws of 2011:

  • Amended Education Law 273 (12) to include the language necessary to continue “one-time” formula for funding system supplementary aid of $8 million for 2010-2011.
  • Included special provisions so that each library aid recipient or program is funded based on formulas in Education Law (including formulas for "one-time" system supplementary aid) with an additional hold harmless provision back to 2001-2002, prior to the application of an across-the-board reduction necessary to reach the reduced appropriation level.

Chapter 53 of the Laws of 2010 included the following appropriations:

  • $84,458,000 in SED Local Assistance Funds for library aid programs for fiscal year 2010-2011 (including system supplementary aid).
  • $602,000 in SED State Operations for the New York State Library Talking Book and Braille Library (Education Law 273(8)) and the State Library’s Conservation / Preservation Statutory Grant (Education Law 273(7)(a)).
  • $325,000 directly to SUNY for the four SUNY Centers for Conservation/Preservation Statutory Grants (Education Law 273(7)(a)).

These charts do not include the one-time $14 million in Capital Funds provided by the Executive and the Legislature for public library construction grants for 2010-2011.

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