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2014 Report Cards

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School Library Systems (SLS) are a state-aided program set forth in Education Law and Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. Each BOCES and the Big 5 Cities (NYC, Yonkers, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse) sponsor the program, which provides vital library and information resources to public and nonpublic schools. Each system operates under an approved five-year Plan of Service.

Some of the key functions of SLS are: to provide leadership and training through professional development activities, enrich the NYS Learning Standards by providing information literacy awareness and skills training; facilitate resource-sharing among its participating school libraries; facilitate interlibrary loan activities; facilitate access to electronic databases through NOVELNY (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) for over 4,200 schools statewide; promote advances in technology for information storage, retrieval and access to school library collections; focus on cooperative collection development of participating school libraries; address the information needs of special client groups and participate in regional library initiatives with the public, academic, special, and other school libraries. Students, teachers, and administrators in each SLS service area benefit from the programs and services of the School Library System.

Students, teachers and administrators benefit from the programs and services of the SLS.

School Library Systems (Education Law §282, §283, §284; Commissioner's Regulations 90.18)

Selected Statewide Data from 2013-14 Annual Reports submitted to NYSED/NYSL/DLD

Forty-one School Library Systems Serve Nearly 3.2 Million Public and Nonpublic School Pupils, Teachers and Administrators in New York State.

  • Number of Participating School Library Media Centers - 3,904
  • Number of Consulting & Technical Assistance Contacts by SLS staff – 178,746 
  • Total Reference Transactions by School Library System staff – 76,570
  • Number of Professional Development Workshops conducted by the SLS – 2,092 
  • Number of Participants at SLS Professional Development Workshops – 40,541
  • Resource Sharing – Interlibrary Loan Activity – 500,258
  • Number of Bibliographic Records in Automated Union Catalog Statewide - 41,580,147

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