Best Practices Chart: Examples illustrating the use of a Complete OBE Package, including a logic model

Outcome-Based Evaluation
Best Practices in New York State

Outcome examples for Summer Reading Programs

Criteria for Selection: LSTA and Gates grant applications and reports were reviewed by an expert consultant to identify OBE best practices. Projects that met some or all of the following criteria were selected:

  • Outcomes were expressed in terms of changed knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of library staff and library patrons. Training projects that could demonstrate that individuals trained use the training for a predictable purpose of value to them or to library patrons were preferred. Projects that were aimed entirely at changes in awareness and/or confidence were not selected.
  • Impact on staff/patrons was predicted and measurable from the beginning of the project.
  • Results were qualitative (focused on user results) not entirely quantitative (outputs)
  • Methods for determining program impact were creative.
  • Program targets were clear and realistic.
  • Reports clearly identified results related to predicted outcomes.
Using the Best Practices Site: A “Best Practices Chart” shows examples grouped by categories, library or system sponsor, program title, and contact information. Clicking on the program title links to program excerpts and expert commentary about 1) reasons for selection and 2) potential for improvement. Several of the projects selected did not follow all the principles of OBE, but contained elements that have potential for predicting and capturing program impact so they are included with commentary about what changes would yield impact data.

Examples illustrating the use of a Complete OBE Package, including a logic model

Library or System

Program Title


Brooklyn Public Library

Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Techies

Mid-York Library System

Healthy and Robust Library System

Queens Borough Public Library

Toolbox of Outcome Based Evaluation/Extension of OBE Training

Southeastern New York Library Resources Council

Technology Training for Digital Projects

Southern Adirondack Library System

Growing a Reader: It’s Never Too Early

Southern Tier Library System

Train Library Staffers

Westchester Library System

Stay Competitive! Mastering the Electronic Job Search

Examples illustrating Measurements

Library or System

Program Title


Metropolitan New York Library Council

Transforming Library Customer Service Using the Web-2

Mid-Hudson Library System

Getting to Yes

Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES

Connections: The Correlation between School Libraries and English Language Arts

The New York Public Library

NYPL Leadership Academy

Olean Public Library

Database Training

Ramapo Catskill Library System

NOVEL: Gateway to Information

Examples illustrating Qualitative Results

Library or System

Program Title


Brooklyn Public Library

College Bound SAT Review Project

Brooklyn Public Library

Emerging Technology: A Training Conference for BPL Technology

Greater Southern Tier BOCES School Library System

Data and Collaboration: Raising Student Achievement

Mid-Hudson Library System

Quick and Easy

Mohawk Valley Library System

Exploring New Technologies

Onondaga County Public Library

Adding Basic Web Design to Your Professional Toolkit


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