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Outcome-Based Evaluation
Best Practices in New York State

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Often it can be difficult to get feedback from a significant number of participants to evaluate a project. This celebration activity served as an informal focus group and show and tell. If the project had predicted outcomes, they could have been verified during such a gathering through observation. Usability testing is a good qualitative measure for gathering information. It could have been used by all the sites that re-designed both for feedback on what worked and what didn’t and for strengthening the re-design.

Six workshops to train librarians on how to redesign their library's sites were held. These sessions were presented to the librarians whose applications for the library re-design project/process were accepted.. In the early spring of 2007, a web site celebration party was held for librarians that participate in the grant project. During the celebration librarians discussed their re-designed sites and showed others what they were able to accomplish as a result of the grant.

As a part of its won web site re-design process, METRO held usability tests in order to determine which areas of the new site were successful and which were not. This testing provided data that had an impact on the look, feel, organization, and content of the final version of the site. METRO was able to take the findings of the usability report and make changes in order to better serve its members.


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