Quick and Easy (Mid-Hudson Library System)

Outcome-Based Evaluation
Best Practices in New York State

(Example illustrating Qualitative Results)

A creative way of determining impact of training of library staff. The project predicted that staff would use what they learned to make a contribution to a patron service and had a way to measure if it happened. A great follow-up to extend the impact information would be to survey patrons who use the Quick Answers to find out the value of the service to them.

Outcome #3: As a result of system training, library staff increase the content on the Quick Ways to Find Great Answers web site by at least 25%.
59 (112 percent) additional questions and/or answers were added through attendee input to the web site:

Quick Answers for Patrons on the Go at http://midhudson.org/answers

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Last Updated: June 3, 2009