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Outcome-Based Evaluation
Best Practices in New York State

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What is significant about this entry is the manner of obtaining feedback from busy clients of the library. Many express concern that obtaining feedback from such groups is difficult or nearly impossible to obtain in any significant number. The report describes this method as effortless with high yield.

The target audience for this program were educators, business people, local officials, journalists, and the general public… We had originally planned to use surveys or evaluation forms to collect data from those who participated in our programs…However, the nature of the venues in which we worked (Chamber of Commerce networking meetings or in the office of a particular organization or business) did not readily lend themselves to this form of data collection. People were pressed for time and we welt that our survey forms would be intrusive. Instead we collected business cards from those we had contact with and used this information to get in touch with them at a later date. We used two types of follow-ups, short informal face-to-face interviews at subsequent Chamber meetings or telephone interviews that were arranged ahead of time using e-mail communication or “cold call” follow-ups. …We found this simple approach was undemanding and effortless for those we interviewed and we found that nearly all of the people we contacted were prepared to participate in the interview.


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