NLPL Leadership Academy (The New York Public Library)

Outcome-Based Evaluation
Best Practices in New York State

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This project built in a very effective way to measure results. Constant communication about the project was available on the special website and the results of the participants’ learning activities were observable in the final evaluation presentations.

Outcome 1: Supervising librarians will demonstrate management and leadership expertise in working with the staff and librarians they supervise.

Outcome 2: Staff will be able to design improvements in how the Library operated or serves the public.

Twenty-six staff successfully completed the Year Two Leadership Academy; in total, 53 staff graduated from the Academy… One important change to the project was the institution of team projects, rather than individual ones. Working in teams created a particularly enriching experience for Academy participants, allowing them to work closely with colleague across the system and gain additional perspectives. In Year 2, sex projects were completed and presented to senior managers. Project components included a PowerPoint presentation, an outline to the proposal, and a recording of the presentation. Each of these projects is now in various stages of implementation at the library. An internal website was developed and maintained throughout the two-year project, and served as a communication tool for all participants. The website included an online forum for team discussions….


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Last Updated: June 3, 2009