Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Techies (T4): (Brooklyn Public Library)

Outcome-Based Evaluation
Best Practices in New York State

(Example illustrating the use of a Complete OBE Package, including a logic model)

This project was built on a complete OBE program logic model. The application and reports from both project years give considerable added explanations and insights. Only the summary chart is included here because it gives and outstanding overview of the award winning project. The outcomes were designed to make the project impact on the target community clear to all. Where predictions were not met, the predictions themselves were most ambitious and actual performance was beyond what happens in many projects. The project is also and excellent example of how producing results can be leveraged for additional funding—a true OBE success story.

Projected Outcomes for Year 2

Actual Outcomes for Year 2


168 teenagers will enroll in summer training; 134 (80% will complete it.

165 teenagers enrolled in summer training; 150 (90%) completed it.


Of teens who complete summer training, 95% will have an improved knowledge of technology.

Close to 100% of students completing summer training showed some or significant improvement in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and troubleshooting


Of teens who complete summer training, 100% will have created a current resume, with participation in T4 included on it.

90% of teens completing summer training had created resumes.

Did not meet (just short)

Of teens who complete summer training, 75# will elect to take optional workshops.

35% of teens completing summer training opted for “Sparkler” workshops

Did not meet

Of teens who complete optional training, 95% will have an improved knowledge of technology

100% of students completing optional training demonstrated some or significant improvement in relevant topic.


Of teens who begin volunteer service, 80% will complete it.

68% of teens who started as volunteers completed their 72 hours of service.

Did not meet

Of teens who complete volunteer service, 95% will have ratings of “satisfactory” or better.

97% of T4 graduates received ratings of satisfactory or better by their supervisors.


Of teens who complete their volunteer service hours, 100% will write the final essay on their experience and receive a $150 stipend.

100% of teens graduating from the program completed their final essay.


Of the teens who complete their volunteer service, 25% will continue to volunteer at BPL past the end of their required hours.

30% of teens have continued to volunteer or gain employment at BPL, whether through T4 or a different volunteer program. The number of teens gaining employment at BPL significantly exceeded expectations.


…We are pleased to report that BPL hopes to continue the T4 program in 2007-2008 and beyond, and has already secured funding from JP Morgan Chase Foundation, as well as a grant from the New York State Special Legislation Initiative. We have several other corporate and foundation requests pending.

Other important notes: Several volunteers note the program has had a significant impact on their educational and career choices, with at least 15% deciding to major or find work in technology-related fields.

T4 founder, Kerwin Pilgrim, was recognized by Library Journal as one to the “Movers and Shakers” of 2006 for his key role in developing this program.

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