Signage Requirements and Recipient Guidance

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The purpose of this document is to review recipient guidance for meeting Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) signage requirements.

Signage Requirements

All BTOP recipients from all funding rounds are required to display the Recovery Act logo on signage at construction sites. The July 2009 and January 2010 BTOP Notices of Funds Availability state the following requirement:

All projects that are funded by the Recovery Act shall display signage that features the Primary Emblem throughout the construction phase. The signage should be displayed in a prominent location on site. Some exclusions may apply. The Primary Emblem should not be displayed at a size less than six inches in diameter.

Recipients may satisfy the signage requirements above by using the Primary or BroadbandUSA Emblems shown here and following all guidelines for size, clear space, and color. Complete guidelines are provided in the Information and Tools sections of this document.

primary emblem

Primary Emblem

broadbandusa emblem

BroadbandUSA Emblem


Recipients must meet the following minimum requirements when developing display signage for BTOP construction sites.

  • Recipients must use the Primary Emblem or the BroadbandUSA Emblem in construction signage.
  • The emblem must be at least six inches or larger in diameter.
  • Recipients must not change proportions of the emblem.
  • If using a color emblem, use the colors specified in the Information and Tools section.
  • Always leave clear space surrounding the logo equal to half of the logo’s radius.

Information and Tools

BTOP recipients can use either of the two approved Recovery Act “marks” shown above. The BroadbandUSA Emblem incorporates the basic Recovery Act logo and is acceptable to meet signage requirements.

Remember the following when using the emblems:

  • Provide this fact sheet to your graphic designer or signage vendor. The details and tools provided
    here should give them everything they need to use the emblems correctly.
  • Altering, distorting or recreating the “marks” in any way weaken the power of the image and what it
  • Layout and design of signs and communication materials will vary, so care must be taken when
    applying the emblem or logomark.

Logo Artwork

  • Camera-ready, high-resolution emblem artwork is available for recipient use. The emblems are available in TIF, JPEG and EPS formats. To request the artwork, e-mail the BTOP Help Desk at or call 202-482-2048.
  • Do not alter, distort or recreate the emblems in any way.

Color Specifications

  • Use the exact colors listed below when reproducing the emblem in full color. CMYK values are used
    for print publications and RGB and HEX# values are used for on-screen applications.
  • Do not change the colors of either emblem or use screens or tints of any color in any part of the logo.
  • Recipients can also reproduce either emblem in black-and-white or in a one-color version. Use the
    “Navy” color indicated below when reproducing emblems in one color.





  Navy 00 / 00 / 00 / 00 0 / 51 /102 003366
  Red 30 / 100 / 100 / 50 102 / 0 / 0 660000
  Green 65 / 25 / 100 / 7 103 / 144 / 62 67903E
  Light Blue 67 / 37 / 6 / 00 89 / 141 / 192 598DC0

Clear Space

Primary Emblem

  • Always leave blank space surrounding the logo equal to half of the logo’s radius.
  • In the illustration below, the clear space is shown as the value “X,” where “X” is equal to half of the
    radius. The minimum clear space must always be at least “X” on all sides of the emblem. emblem showing dimensions

BroadbandUSA Emblem

  • Please provide an amount of space surrounding the emblem equal to or larger than the height of the
    ‘BroadbandUSA’ emblem lettering, as shown below.

broadband logo showing dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NTIA state requirements regarding signage size?

NTIA does not specify sign size but does require that the Recovery or BroadbandUSA Emblem must be
at least six inches in diameter.

Does NTIA state requirements regarding placement of the Recovery logo on signage OR the
overall design of signage?

Recipients may adapt placement of the logos and may design signs to be suitable to the specific project
on which they are displayed, but may not alter the design and colors of the logos themselves.

Can I use additional text on my signage?

Signs should be designed to maximize visibility of the logos and minimize any accompanying text. In
addition, minimal text may be included on the sign, for example, “This project funded by” preceding the
Recovery Act logo.

Am I required to use the Department of Commerce seal on signage?

No, the Commerce seal is not required.

Does NTIA state requirements regarding placement of signs?

Signs at construction projects should be placed where they are visible to passersby and to customers
approaching the site.

Can I pay for signage costs with grant funds?

The cost of producing signage and displaying Recovery logos is an eligible project administration cost in
BTOP grants.

I need to request exclusion to the signage requirements. What should I do?

Contact your assigned BTOP Program Officer to request exclusion.

Last Updated: May 19, 2010