Statewide Internet-Ready Library Levels (formerly NOVELNY-Ready Pilot Project)


(NOVELNY is a Pilot Project for the Statewide Internet Library)

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Every individual in New York State should have access to electronic doorway library services. A Statewide Internet-Ready Library library, as an integral part of the statewide electronic learning community, uses computers and telecommunications technology, a full range of library resources, and the services of skilled library personnel to:
  • create, assemble, evaluate, and use information;
  • extend access to library services from homes, schools, work places, and other locations;
  • facilitate access by people with disabilities and other special needs;
  • go beyond the library's walls to obtain information and resources; and
  • enable its users to access journals, magazines, newspapers and other resources available through a suite of NOVELNY electronic collections.

These libraries meet the ongoing library and information needs of education, government, business, and all people regardless of age, background, and location.

Questions may be directed to Carol Desch.

Last Updated: December 11, 2014