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Spanish Language Outreach Connects New York's Libraries with Communities
Final Report of a Statewide Partnership Project, July 2008 [ .PDF only pdf icon [1.6 meg]

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The New York State Library participated in a joint WebJunction / Gates Library Foundation national program to promote library outreach to Spanish-speaking populations. The State Library partnered with the Mid-Hudson Library System, the New York Library Association, the New York State Association of Library Boards and the Public Library System Directors Organization to implement this national project in New York State.

What is the Spanish Language Outreach Program?

The Spanish Language Outreach Program is a professional development program that offered 48 workshops across New York State for some 800 library staff members and trustees. Those attending the workshops learned how to reach out to Spanish speakers and how to improve their access to library services and public access computing.

More information about this exciting national program can be found at the WebJunction's Spanish Language Outreach Program web site.

New York State's Spanish-Speaking Population -- Statistics [ .PDF only pdf icon [78k]

Please contact Mary Linda Todd, Library Development Specialist, New York State Library, Division of Library Development at 518-486-4858 if you have any questions.

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