Gates Foundation Staying Connected -- Phase Two Grant Program

Final Report for Staying Connected II Grant Program from the New York State Library
Grant number 39389
Grant time period: June 2005 - September 2008 pdf icon [.PDF only; 85k]

The New York State Library was awarded $294,000 in matching Staying Connected Grant program funds on behalf of the state's public library systems and public libraries. As part of the several activities that are part of this project (read a complete project description pdf icon [.PDF only; 74k]), $252,770 was awarded to New York State's 23 public library systems for the purpose of enhancing and expanding technology training for public library staff members who assist with public-access computing. Those who apply and receive funding had to match 50 percent (in the form of services, materials and staff time) of the amount received and implement the training component of the grant proposal within the grant period.

Library systems awarded funds must have completed a technology training needs assessment by December 31, 2006, and submitted such assessment to the New York State Library no later than January 31, 2007.

A project target goal is to train a minimum of one person from each member library building.

Applications were due to the New York State Library's Division of Library Development by April 24, 2006.

Eligible Activities:

Training Options:

  • Continue the phase-two "Train the Trainer"/"Train the Library Staff" curriculum used during the Gates U.S. Library Training Program grant
  • Extend the "Train the Library Staff" phase to reach those who did not receive training under the earlier grant
  • Provide an opportunity for both system and member library staff to participate in Outcome-Based Evaluation training workshops to be sponsored by the State Library in 2006
  • A portion of the funds may be used to conduct the technology training needs assessment

Suggested activities for achieving above training options:

  • Develop online library technology training modules to be shared through a statewide training site
  • Purchase of training aids, such as tools needed for training presentation
  • Provide training incentives to reduce the hardship for trainers and workshop participants, such as mileage reimbursement and an hourly rate or per diem for a substitute staff member during absences for training
  • Pay for outside training expertise and for miscellaneous expenses such as workbooks, facility rental fee
  • Advertising costs for training session
  • Additional meeting supplies for training sessions that are a full day in length
  • Systems may pool funds to offer different skill level training session

A fact sheet on Phase Two of the "Staying Connected" program is available pdf icon [.PDF only; 71k]

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