Gates Library Initiative: Opportunity Online Hardware Grant Program

The New York State Library participated in a Bill & Melinda Gates Library Foundation program entitled the Opportunity Online Hardware Grant Program. The State Library worked in partnership with PULISDO to implement this program. The program provided 2,145 computers for a maximum of 421 New York State public libraries, for a value of approximately $6.1 million.

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Phase II - Grant Program - April 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009

Lists of Eligible Libraries by Library System (Phase II)

Phase I - Grant Program - April 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008

Program Information for Phase I

Purpose of the Program

The Opportunity Online Hardware Grant Program is designed to help public libraries upgrade hardware and learn how to sustain these upgrades over time. The program focuses on libraries that serve high need communities that are struggling to keep pace with technology changes. The program also seeks to motivate local governments to commit long-term local funding to computer services in public libraries.

The two-year grant program will fund public computer workstations, and associated training and tech support. It requires dedicated local funding through a monitored and enforced escalating matching requirement (25% for the first year and 50% for year two).


The Gates Foundation determined eligibility for each participating library. Libraries must meet two criteria to receive funding.

Economic Need: Eligible public libraries serve communities where 10% of the total population or more than 3,000 people in each library service area live in poverty. Each public library was designated as either rural, urban, or suburban, which defined their service area radius.

Gates Foundation Grant Announcement

State Library Grant Proposal

Background Information (from Gates Foundation; in .PDF format)

About the Initiative

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Opportunity Online Hardware Grant Program

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