NYS Broadband Summit, June 3-4, 2009

Transcript of video: The Opportunity of Broadband, Bringing the World to the People

Chorus of Speakers, and music track
I love, I love, I love, I love the Magic of Broadband.

Speaker 1: Annie
My name is Annie and I love the magic of broadband. There's something very, very magical about hearing there's an opportunity afar, and bing, I can access it. I can do that and that's great.

Speaker 2 - Bernard Margolis, New York State Librarian:
The magic of broadband is ---a senior citizen filing their income tax return at no cost to them.

Speaker 3: College Student
The magic of broadband is the fact that I can find what's going on in France...or wherever.

Speaker 4 - Margie Menard, Library Director:
People can find their place online because of the libraries.

Speaker 5 - D. Madrigal, Library User:
For me I think the magic of broadband its the amount of information and the connections that it puts at your fingertips. It so much easier to remain connected for families and friends. People can remain connected.

Speaker 6 - Chris Jarvis, Tutor:
It opens a world of opportunities for students who didn't realize those opportunities are out there for them.

Speaker 7 - Educator, New York State Archives:
It's something that we have never had before and we've become more informed citizens because of it.

Speaker 8- Bernard Margolis, New York State Librarian:
The magic of broadband is a small businessperson getting an account, online, securing new business.

Speaker 9 - M. Douglas, New Netherlands Project, New York State Library:
Here we are in the 21st Century, and we're able to see what was written in the 17th century.

Speaker 10 - M. Borges, New York Library Assocation:
It's a real eye-opener for people of all ages, and that's why it's magical.

Speaker 11 - A Library Trustee:
The world is at everybody's fingertips. Abracadabra, and here we are, you know.

Speaker 12 - Student:
I'm able, as an individual, to be creative.

Speaker 13 - Student:
It's a lot easier, to like, pay attention and stuff. And focus on all my work.

Speaker 14 - Bernard Margolis:
Clearly, Internet is something that is almost required today for you to be successful as a participant in our democracy, as a participant in the economic life. The magic of broadband is the ability to connect people around the world.