NYS Broadband Summit, June 3-4, 2009

Transcript of video: Alternate High School Program, GED preparation online

Speaker 1: I love...
Speaker 2: I love...
Speaker 3: I love...

Speaker 4: The magic of broadband.

Speaker 5 - Ms. Holt, student:
My name is Quennah, and I love the magic of broadband. I moved in with my dad, and we...I got enrolled into Colonie, and they said that there was this program that would help me like catch up and stuff. Before I started this program I really didn't use the library.

Speaker 6 - Chris Jarvis, tutor:
We use broadband access for a program called NovaNet, which is uh... online courseware. It's interactive; it allows the students to... get traditional school credit and GED preparation through the …broadband access.

Speaker 7 - Ms. Connell, student:
I've been doing this program since February. I take ...Death and Life in Literature, Economics, Math … English.

Speaker 8 - Mr. Jarvis, tutor:
A lot of times when the students come into our program it's because they've either... were kicked out of classes because of attendance reasons or sometimes illnesses. A lot of different reasons...maybe teenage pregnancies. Sometimes we get students here, and they get sort of a feeling of despair because they're so far behind in courses that there's no way. You know we have kids here who are freshman level credits, and they're eighteen-years-old. So, if you expecting that kid to stay in school three more years, it's kind of a lost cause, but using the NovaNet and other stuff we have you know we've been using with the GED preparation online, you can really move them through a lot quicker and at their own pace. They don't have to wait for the class to move along. they can move as long as fast as they like.

Speaker - Ms. Holt, student:
And at the end of each unit, there will be a test like on everything that you learned through the unit, and we...I take that, and then it goes and it gets sent to the teachers, and that's how I get my grade for that.

Speaker - Mr. Jarvis, tutor:
It's an online courseware...you know... it's too ... too much load for dial-up or anything like that.

Speaker - Ms. Holt, student:
’Cause like a lot of the projects we have to do, like even if they're on paper, we have to go on the Internet to um look up the information for ’em.

Speaker - Mr. Jarvis, tutor: It wouldn't be possible for us to run our NovaNet software without broadband access here at the library. My name is Chris Jarvis, and I love the magic of broadband.